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Top and Sound Holes

Finished sanding the top and began cutting out the patterns for the sound holes. Using the scroll saw, I cut out the sound holes in the top.                 They still need some final shaping before moving on to the next step.

Sanding and Shaping

I finally had some time to work in the shop this weekend. I have cut the back and top to shape, then focused my attention on the back. The fretboard is not attached yet–the sound holes must be cut first. I thinned it evenly and attached the ribs that will hold the sides.     …

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I re-sawed a plank using the table saw, finishing up with the bandsaw. Opening up the thin panels like a book gives us a nice mirror-image with the grain pattern.           The gluing of these panels is decidedly inelegant, but effective. Note to self: I really should rebuild the book matching jig I …

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The fret board is finished. About the same time, however, my main computer crashed. The new Windows 10 would not boot up, nor repair itself, so it is currently “what’s on the bench”.     I always use separate hard drives to store important data, so I decided to just purchase a new C: drive …

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Fretting over frets

The frets, of course, have to be as close to perfect as possible. The placement of the frets are determined by a mathematical formula. Using a fret calculator available from the Stewart MacDonald website, all I need to do is plug in the scale length (in this case 28″), choose “dulcimer” as the instrument, and indicate …

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Fretboard Preparation

It’s important that the fretboard is as close to perfect as possible. In this case, that means it must be completely flat and level. No matter how beautiful an instrument is, if the sound is not right it’s basically wall art. The strum hollow must be first cut on a table saw and then shaped …

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Project Complete

The repair project has been completed successfully. Now to clear the bench for my next creation!

Repair Work

Note: This first post appears to all happen in one day, but in fact, took place over a week and a half. Future postings will be more current. Most recently. I have been commissioned to work on a “problem” dulcimer. The “fingerboard” on top of the oak fretboard was actually a dark stain. The main …

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