A Florida-Flavored Number 50

Becky, a fellow member of the Naturecoast Dulcimer Players, has commissioned a new dulcimer — one with a gator head carving in the tuning scroll. I am particularly excited about this build: this year marks the 45th year since I learned the craft, it will be the 50th dulcimer I have constructed, and Becky has connections to Knoxville and to Maryville College! The gator head is appropriate in this case because she is a graduate of the University of Florida. She has decided to match it up with gecko designs for the main sound holes and sunrays for the upper holes.

I needed to order the tuning pegs, so while I waited for their delivery (along with a couple of other lutherie tools), I designed and built a couple of jigs to make the construction process easier and safer. I documented the construction of these jigs in a new section of this site called Woodworking. I thought it might inspire any fellow woodworkers who just happened by.

Unfortunately, as soon as I completed the jigs, I needed to head to Tennessee for a couple of weeks which prevented me from beginning construction. I used some of the time there to build those web pages, which are still in need of a bit of tweaking.

Today, I begin the process of choosing the lumber (all walnut), deciding thicknesses and other prep work to get this thing under way.

Stay tuned!

The most recent posts will be just below this introductory post. To see the progression of this build, go directly to the June 13th posting. You can then navigate the postings using the right or left arrows at the top of the post.

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    • Jon Granby on June 8, 2021 at 12:10 am

    I’m glad to see you are back at building those fine instruments!

    In case you get wind of anyone who is looking for that fine Bass Dulcimer you made for me, i have decided to sell it. Have not determined a price yet.

    Jon G.
    541-325-3426. Text

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