Assembly and Detail Work

Finally reached the point where the shaping and prep work is finished;  the assembly and detail work begins. First, the peg head and tail stock is glued to the top, then prepped for the back.


The back is clamped into place and the sides are sanded down thinly.


The sides are steamed to make them pliable, then glued to the strips and held in place by special clamps.


All parts of the instrument are hand trimmed and carefully sanded down. Two coats of polyurethane are hand-rubbed onto the dulcimer. Almost there…


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    • Jon G. on December 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm
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    hi Tim,

    It’s really going to be beautiful piece of art work! love the carvings on the peg head too!



    PS – Don’t forget to sign and date it!

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