June 2016 archive


Dulcimer #45 is complete, as of this morning. The tuning pegs are Grover Sta-tite friction pegs and the strings are Vega banjo strings. Here I am with the new baby: And here is Lynn, the proud owner and co-designer:

Home Stretch

Now the major pieces are attached: The head and tail stock are secured to the soundboard.           The back is added.             Trimming up.             Adding the sides.        

Working on the Soundboard

Working late last night, I cut the sound holes and secured the fretboard. It’s coming along…

Moving Along

Once again, playing catch-up with this posting–working on the dulcimer around other projects and diversions–these are snapshots from the past week. I’m excited to get to the point where I don’t stop until I┬áhave to let glue dry. This is the top (soundboard) re-sawn and bookmatched.               The peg …

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Fretting, Gluing and Shaping

This entry is actually several day’s work put together. Wednesday afternoon was my last day of school, so my calendar just cleared up a bit. The fretboard requires the most precise work. The board is complete, and the rough shapes of the peg head and tailstock are cut and clamped.           …

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