The fret board is finished.


ErrorAbout the same time, however, my main computer crashed. The new Windows 10 would not boot up, nor repair itself, so it is currently “what’s on the bench”.



MachineI always use separate hard drives to store important data, so I decided to just purchase a new C: drive and a new copy of Windows 10. Even though it’s a pain in the rear to re-install software, I feel a “clean” copy of the operating system will maintain a more stable machine. Unfortunately, I kept getting error messages after Windows was installed. I wrestled with this all weekend until I finally discovered that the new hard drive was defective. After purchasing a second HD, all is well. I will be able to free up my bench once again and continue with Jean’s dulcimer.

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  1. Since the computer is so much a part of how we move thru life now, i am including all ON THE BENCH pictures in my archived teardrop dulcimer step-by-step depictions of the creative process.

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